How to buy spec mining stocks in the forthcoming market correction

There comes a time when investors can make enormous profits from market corrections. You can ‘short’ the blue chip stocks, however you can also buy various spec stocks when they collapse. Remember that spec stocks are more vulnerable to market corrections, some more than others. So if the ‘broad blue chip’ market index is destined to fall 12-20%, the specs are probably going to fall 50-70%, depending on the merits and capitalisation/liquidity of specific stocks.
For this reason, I wanted to introduce readers to the benefits of ‘knowing when to buy’. I’m telling you now because I will have a serious conflict of interest telling you later. Well, I can assure you if you are asking me when I’m trying to buy, I’m not going to tell you when and what to buy because you’ll be competing with me in a very illiquid market. Read this blog post – it should give you helpful advice. You might think illiquidity is a bad thing, but its the cause of a corresponding ‘opportunity’, so you can’t say its bad. Its a trade-off. You get more upside with your downside. Over all, if you choose the right stocks, you will come out ahead anyway, but why endure substantial downside unnecessarily.
Don’t forget to use your chart trends and levels to pick points. And avoid ‘market indicators’ because they are ‘too insensitive’ in times of substantial market moves. i.e. They are seriously lagging the price action.

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