CMG is a new website established in November 2014. For this reason, we are still vetting opportunities for authors with compatible values pertinent to our mission statement.

CMG invites writers to submit articles for publication which convey values broadly compatible with the objectives of this portal.

1. Applicants should display a preparedness to write regular articles of 1000-2000 words
2. Applicants should be prepared to provide linkbacks to personal pages
3. Applicants should be prepared to have article submissions vetted by website proprietor
4. Applicants should be prepared to provide over 5 articles already published as a measure of future capability.
5. Applicants can expect a Facebook page link, a profile on ‘authors’ page.
6. Applicants can utilise the page to market their own website as well as their books.
Prospective applicants should apply within for consideration and terms.

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